Comment on Wages et al., Coherence principles in interval-based dose finding


December 2, 2019

UPDATE: (Mar 30) Yesterday, PST published my letter online. Wages, Iasonos, O’Quigley & Conaway thus far appear to have offered no reply despite ample time to do so.

UPDATE: (Jan 10) Editor has judged revised letter suitable for publication in Pharmaceutical Statistics, and has sent it out to invite a response.

UPDATE: (Dec 19) Per Editor’s request, I’ve revised to halve the word-count. Remarkably, this has only strengthened and focused the argument.


This Comment is currently in review at Pharmaceutical Statistics, the official journal of PSI. The original piece was published online ahead of print, on Nov 6. Consistent with this journal’s admirable preprint policy, I post the submitted document below. You are welcome to download it, and of course to comment.